Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction, growth and profit while ensuring the sustainability of our environment. We leverage the Métis values of pride, respect and honesty into every part of our businesses – from planning and project execution to financial management.

Our Vision

To be the leading community-owned Indigenous business in the region. As a social enterprise, we provide services and generate revenue in support of an economically and socially prosperous Fort McKay Métis Nation in a safe, healthy, secure, and culturally proud environment. By leveraging quality, accountability, professionalism, and safety, we generate profits for our partners and our own enterprises while delivering tangible social benefits for the Fort McKay Métis.

Our Values


For our partners, staff and the community we support.


In our work, our corporate ethics, our success, and our rich Métis culture.


Demonstrated by our accountability and transparency with clients, business partners, and community.


Tradition for Métis people mean a rock-solid work ethic, integrity, and problem-solving.

Métis helped build this region, and tradition requires that we be leaders in its responsible stewardship.