Ron has served as President of the Fort McKay Métis Nation since 2005. Under his leadership the McKay Metis have signed over $200 million in long term funding agreements with industry. Ron is a founder of the McKay Métis Group of companies, and has previously served as its president.

He also serves as the Fort McKay Deputy Fire Chief and has led his department to three provincial and one national Fire Games championships. Ron battled “the Beast” (the Fort McMurray Wildfire) an inferno that lasted seven days and his department has been credited with saving the community of Grayling Terrace during the Fort McMurray wildfire.

Proudly, Ron has been recognized as one of the RMWB’s Top 50 under 50 by Your McMurray Magazine as well as RARA’s leader of the year for 2017. He is also a board member of the Fort McMurray Economic Development Corporation.